Vancouver renowned piano teachers Victor and Tanya Shevtsov offer private piano lessons of the highest professional standard in their Piano Studio in Richmond BC. Educated as piano teachers and performers in Moscow, Victor and Tanya Shevtsov represent the famous Russian tradition in playing and teaching piano. Teachers, which are always in great demand, adjudicators, authors of a unique series of Piano Method books, members of Richmond branch of BC registered teacher’s association Victor and Tanya enjoy a truly successful professional career in Canada.

Victor and Tanya Shevtsov specialize in preparing most talented students for performing careers. Piano lessons with Victor and Tanya encourage students to develop their musical talent to the peak of its potential.  A unique teaching method, based on the Russian piano tradition and extensive piano teaching experience help Vitta Piano students achieve outstanding results in RCM exams, local, National and International competitions.

All students of Vitta Piano participate at the annual Studio Recital. Students, which show the most impressive progress in their studies have a unique opportunity to perform at the annual Young Stars Festival or Wonder Child Showcase Concert, organized by Vitta Piano. These concerts have already became famous and take place at Vancouver’s most prestigious concert venues.

Based on our more than 30 years teaching experience, the Ultimate Piano Method is a unique combination of the famous Russian piano tradition and our innovative ideas. The way we teach piano encourages students to develop their musical abilities to the peak of their potential. A great emphasis is placed on the beginner’s stage of learning piano as we understand: the right start makes a huge difference.

Our Little Pianist. First Steps books focus on learning correct hand position, flexibility and freedom of movements and good playing habits. The results are amazing! The Method gives young children such a remarkable jumpstart, that our students complete 8 Grades of Piano (RCM) after only 3 years of studies. The most talented of our students usually achieve Grade 10 – ARCT levels after 5 years of studies. For the best results we recommend to start learning piano at the age of 5 and in certain cases 4 years old.

We believe that all children have a potential to achieve very advanced level in playing piano if they have an opportunity to use and enjoy the right way of learning.